Data Integrations

A significant and increasing number of enterprises identify that gathering, integrating and analyzing data is a critical lifeline of their business. Without it, enterprises have an incomplete picture of business functioning, trends and lack the visibility into business patterns over time.

The Information Technology world has advanced and the way in which enterprises run and enrich their data to identify these trends has been changed. Data Integrations are no longer being done through individual tools which are optimized to manage specific types of data. 

Enterprises are employing various tools from a diverse vendors in order to access and retrieve business intelligence distributed across numerous applications and databases. As Data Integration plays a crucial role in business processes, it is fundamental to ensure organizations have a solid solution in place to manage their Data Integration needs.

Data Integration is now seen as an important enabler to improve the timeliness, accessibility and quality of enterprise-critical data.



At DataAffect, our Data Integration solutions help you understand, cleanse, monitor, transform and deliver data so you can be assured the information is trusted, consistent and governed in real time.

A typical Data Integration delivery of DataAffect involves the following steps:


Accessing data from all its sources and locations, whether those are on premises, delivered by trading partners, or in the cloud or a combination of both.

 Integrating data, so that records from one data source map to records in another.  This type of data preparation is essential for analytics or other applications to be able to use the data with any success.

 Delivering integrated data to the business exactly when the business needs it, whether it is in batch, near real time, or real time.

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