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Data is everywhere. So every day, industry and government are challenged to ride this massive data tidal wave. They have to manage both the massive risks and opportunities that come with high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information assets that power their processes, technologies and ultimately their people.


At Erwin, data is their business. It’s all they do. It’s all we’ve ever done. Given this expertise and customer needs, we’re focused on data governance as the guiding principle and underlying technology to mitigate risk and realize peak business performance. After all, data is an asset that must be inventoried, cataloged, protected and made accessible in the right context so employees can act on it.

Getting the Hard Stuff Right

While the idea of data governance is not new, putting it into practice and reaping its benefits as a strategic initiative is. However, Erwin research with UBM indicates organizations are starting to view data governance as either important or critically important from a business perspective and regulatory compliance is the top driver. But governing data assets goes far beyond risk management and compliance.

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The Evolution – From Data Modeling to Data Governance